Welcome to my page. My name is Amelia and I am a fashion designer. In 2007 I created an exclusive mods brand called 'Blaugue'. I love timeless and elegant things and such propositions I create in my individual projects.



History of the Blaugue brand


When I was a little girl, I designed clothes for my dolls and I sewed them by myself. After several years of hard work as a seamstress, I decided to finally pull out of the drawer my projects... I started my own business. At the beginning, it was not easy- I worked all days and nights. But in the end, my hard work brings results- then began to appear clients. Women who like elegance and good style the same as I do.


Then, quickly spread the news about my small business by word of mouth. I started to reach new clients, who received my number from someone else. Also, I started design wedding collections, which were very popular.


At present, I decide to open a third store in Krakow. Two previously opened are placed in Warsaw- you can buy there my collection of clothes. In all my boutiques I hired qualified and trained sellers- they always can give my customers professional advice. I encourage you to look at my collection on my website and of course, to visit my boutiques.



Przyjaciele marki

Pomoc IT
Moda Ślubna
Suknie Ślube Cloo